Last week we got the opportunity to be interviewed by Brand and Marketing Manager Astrid who runs 50 Grounds. A great blog initiative, featuring conversations with people within the creative field.

While sipping on two fresh fruit juices at a trendy cafe in Fremantle Australia – Astrid asked us all about Bonza Co., our future plans and challenges.

We also spoke about how we want to bring our Scandinavian design thinking and problem solving to the table in other countries and in which ways we want to express our own brand and get seen on the global market.

”To us, Bonza is the best of two worlds; it means ‘top-notch’; it’s easy to remember. And because we don’t just want this to stand for a graphic design company, we want it to become a lifestyle brand.”

Read the full blog post and find out about our future plans.

Hanna Lidfors and Sara Björnfot on being the brand-new kids on the global village block.