We don’t work with companies – we work with people

February 6, 2020

At Bonza Co. we like working with like-minded people and we appreciate that our clients and business partners share our values.

Things don’t have to be so complicated. What you see is what you get and that is how we roll. Bonza is not just a job for us, it’s a lifestyle. We don’t change who we are when we’re at work. We’re easy going people who are passionate about design, love creating magic for our clients and having fun along the way.

We don’t know everything – so we listen

We find that a lot of design and marketing companies set up strategies without even listening to the clients or their needs and goals. You know your business the best so why should we tell you what to do and how your marketing strategy should look like before getting a good understand of your business? At Bonza Co. we listen, learn and bounce ideas of our clients because that’s how we get the best results.

We value strong long-lasting relationships

To truly understand a business we think it’s really important to understand and get to know the people behind the businesses and their customers. That’s why we always strive to build strong long-lasting relationships with our clients and partners. The better we know you the easier it is for us to help bringing your business to the next level.

How can we help?

Shoot us an email or give us a bell to see how we can create magic for your business and raise the bar – together. We work with companies across the globe of all shapes and sizes, as part of your marketing team or as your full service design agency.

Here are some of our do’s and don’ts

What we do

  • Value relationships
  • Create kick-ass work
  • Obsess over details
  • Exceed expectations
  • Do what we do best
  • Stay humble
  • Stay curious

What we don’t

  • Have a sales team
  • Sacrifice quality for profit
  • Resist a party
  • Work for free
  • Put up with nonsense
  • Drink coffee
  • Waste your time