Nyhléns Hugosons

Alviksgården's sustainable way of farming

Teamwork makes the dream work

Nyhléns Hugosons is the largest meat producers in North Sweden and Alviksgården is one of their farms located in close proximity of Luleå. It’s a modern pig farm that accommodates 13,000 pigs. The care of animals and the environment are the highest priorities. Through captivating cinematography and heartfelt narratives, we created a film that delves deep into the ethos of Alviksgården, revealing its commitment to sustainable farming practices.

Project management: Bonza Co.
Filming and editing: Jim Sandstén
Script: Christer Engberg

Our role

  • Film making
  • Project management
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Inspelning på alviksgården Alivksgården grisar
Inspelning på alviksgården Alivksgården grisar
Filmteam Alviksgården

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