Olofssons Bageri

A film showcasing a passion for tradition and highlights not only Olofssons Bakery's commitment to locally-produced ingredients but also the bakery's continuous pursuit of knowledge and development.

Celebrating 75 years of passion and dedication

Olofssons Bakery, with over 75 years of passion and dedication, are proud to have reached this significant milestone. The bakery family is growing and making investments for the future, introducing new products that build on old recipes. Our film production has been created to honor the company’s rich history while highlighting its close connection to Överkalix and the Norrbotten ingredients that Olofssons Bakery uses.

Project management: Bonza Co.
Script writing: Christer Engberg and Bonza Co.
Film making: Kangero Produktion and Frames by Petter

Additionally, we are assisting the bakery with graphic design, social media marketing, photography, among other things.

Our role

  • Project management
  • Graphic design
  • Social media marketing
  • Digital marketing

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